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Businesses aiming for better access to certain markets must explore direct mail marketing. Reliable consumer data guides all marketing initiatives and generates more leads. Direct Mail Marketing Las Vegas by Purple Flare supports marketing initiatives with businesses who want to take advantage of the powerful marketing method.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing services by nature utilize customer data and information to target prospective buyers geographically with offers based on demographic information collected the information used to target the population focuses primarily on income, lifestyle, and background metrics. This approach targets pre-qualified leads with services, solutions and products that meet their specific needs. The recipient is requested to take some specific action to use the offer.


How do businesses benefit from Purple Flare Direct Mail Marketing Services Las Vegas?

Businesses benefit from these services because they are able to get a better return on their dollars invested in marketing. Money allocated to marketing is only used toward audience members most likely to have a need or interest in the product, which prevents waste and improves lead conversion rates.

Facts to consider

• Eighty percent of mail is sorted immediate when retrieved

• An estimated 80 percent of direct mail messages are read

• Twenty-five percent of direct mail pieces are kept in employees hands for 30 days or more at a time

• For those who have received direct mail, 65 percent of people have taken a specific action prompted by the advertising, making a purchase online or engaging with a brand on another marketing channel

What are some of the features of a typical Purple Flare Direct Mail Feature plan?

Purple Flare Direct Mail Feature evaluates the customer’s objectives in order to assist in building the campaign. Based on the information provided, the customer is recommended one of several programs such as the Every Door Direct Mail or Targeted Campaign. Businesses enjoy flexibility in being able dictate where the dollars are best invested and have complete transparency when it comes to measuring the response rate. Businesses can create coupons, attractive offers and announcements using any of the Purple Flare marketing plans. The structure of the program ensures reliability. No business owner has to ever worry about whether or not their messages are reaching the intended audience because they determine the audience, frequency, location and nearly every other aspect when it comes to building their campaign.

Why Purple Flare?

Purple Flare focuses their marketing efforts exclusively on prospects most likely to convert by performing additional in-depth research. All of the tools necessary to track performance data are provided to the customer. Customers work collaboratively with the company to tweak the campaign to improve the lead generation strategy.

Direct mailing is a proven effective method for targeting and generating leads. Results-driven marketing tactics are developed using relevant, consistent consumer data that increases sales and engagement. Easily tracked information simplifies the process of evaluating the return on a dollar. Marketers, executives and business owners can streamline their marketing processes using quality data that targets likely buyers while improving the return on their investment dollars.